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Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool to Delete Duplicate Items

MS Outlook users are often distressed with the plethora of duplicated email items in their account and thus making the email communication process bothersome. Occurrence of email items twice leads to slow down Outlook performance. Also, the application starts behaving unexpectedly if user performs action like opening, reading, deleting or switching from one folder to another. Users are then needed to solve issues generating due to duplicate email items when they are configured with more than one email setup using the same POP sever and SMTP.

Even though, manual methods to get rid of duplicates in Outlook do not work in accordance with user requirements. Reason being, it is very tedious to look for and delete the total miscellaneous mails in one go. To perform the process more safely and accurately, it is feasible to make use of third party Remove Outlook Duplicates tool.

The Delete Outlook Duplicate tool facilitates the user to search for entire duplicate email items and function according to their needs. MS outlook duplicate remover tool makes thoroughly search of duplicate items from the selected folder. Users can easily take away duplicates in Outlook and mark them expired, place them to ‘deleted items section, copy to folder or move them to other sub folders. To deal with the duplicate items with small difference, tool gives the user various criteria for the duplication process. Properties like text, subject, sender email, receiver email, internet header, date & sending time and attachments can be used while conducting the duplication process.

As the tool implants strong algorithm, user can have all the ease of eliminating duplicate items from Outlook. With the user-friendly interface of the tool, users can handle the tool easily and perform process instantly.

Try with the Delete Outlook Duplicate Tool demo version:

As the free trial copy of Outlook Duplicate remover software is available, user can analyze the working and performance of the software. Nevertheless, the demo version is offered with limitations, users are permitted to remove 10 duplicate items for each folder within 30 days of the trail period.

To obtain entire access of removing the duplicate data from the email client, users can purchase the complete version of Outlook Duplicate Removal software.

Supported versions: Remove Outlook Duplicates

Outlook Duplicate remover tool is well-suited with MS Outlook 2016/2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98/97. The tool also works well with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 operating system.

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Exclusive Features

Some exclusive features of Outlook Duplicate remover tool are listed below:

  • Whole duplicate items of MS Outlook can be easily removed.
  • Performs scrupulous scanning of duplicate items existing in the email application.
  • Once the duplicate items are recognized they are flagged, removed, moved or copied to any of the subfolder.
  • Outlook duplicate removal tool facilitates the user to select any number of mailbox folders while identifying for duplicated items.
  • The tool moves the duplicate items to the deleted items part.
  • With the multipurpose comparison criteria user can evaluate the duplicate items.
  • User can copy the duplicate item to any of the subfolder.
  • The tool offers the user to manage duplicate items and minimize PST file size.
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